Freitag, 5. Mai 2017

We must stop the Fascists!

For the third day in a row, we are witnesses to a series of attacks by a fascist gang on the island of Leros that drives about on motorcycles with covered license plates! They are afraid of being recognised by the inhabitants of Leros so they have covered their faces and heads and carry bats and knives. A total of twenty people have been taken to hospital with body wounds. Amongst them is a pregnant woman and there are fears for the continuation of her pregnancy. 
As the Dodecanese Network of Solidarity Groups, we are proceeding to file an indictment against such unknown persons and we call on all democratic people of this country to isolate such practices. 
We request from all the representatives of the local political parties and all politicians to take a stand and act in the direction of protection both of the refugees and the inhabitants of Leros in total. 
We request of the educational and cultural societies, and professional associations to head the defense of human life and democracy. We must stop the fascist attacks! Solidarity shall win! We will continue to live with the refugees! 

Dodecanese, April 5th,2017
The Dodecanese Network of Solidarity Groups

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